The Right to Belong

All beings ever born or conceived in a family have the right to belong to the family and are equal in dignity.
Also who shares a common heavy fate with someone of a family from the moment of this event is part of the family system.
If someone was excluded (or in practice or mentally or even unconsciously) from the family system someone from a later generation might attempt to include the excluded by unconsciously reliving their life and misfortunes, following the excluded into death, perhaps carrying his anger, anxiety or depression, his desire to kill, or replicating a disease or a tragic death, becoming a victim perhaps for love of a victim that was, or atoning for someone who did not assume the responsibility of his/her actions.
Exclusions can happen as a consequence of miscarriages, abortions, stillbirths, betrayal, early death, disabilities, extramarital relationships, crime, victims, perpetrators, former partners, biological parents, adopted children and much more.
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