When I wrote my assessment at the end of my supervision training, I asked myself „What kind of supervisor do I want to be?” And the answer was “Someone who connects and inspires and someone who makes a difference in my supervisees’ lives.”
I was curious to read the book “Inspiring Creative supervision” by Caroline Schuck and Jane Wood (2011) since they also mention family constellations. However, I was disappointed of how it was described as a “tool” without honoring the spiritual and trans-generational dimension behind it which is what really makes a difference. And I am generally missing the spiritual, the transpersonal and the trans-generational dimensions in the area of supervision.
Obviously, when starting my work as a supervisor, it was clear that working with systemic constellations would be the basis of my service. The family constellation approach addresses deeply the I-You relationship in a compassionate and non-judgmental way, but it also addresses group dynamics, hidden loyalties, entanglements and shows up gentle ways of solutions.  
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Since I love working with groups, the idea of creating supervision groups based on the constellation approach was born in 2019. I am currently running two ongoing supervision groups in Malta.
These groups will be online and you can join from everywhere. In case you are interested in joining or creating a group yourself, please get in touch.
Of course I am offering also 1to1 supervision sessions, equally based on the constellation approach.
If you are interested in my service as a supervisor, please don’t hesitate to


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