Impressions and reflections from participants in my Basic Training

  • What I am taking from this training is not only the theoretical or practical knowledge, but it is sort of an intangible wisdom that was seeded inside me (or perhaps the seed of wisdom, I guess is in each of us, was already there but it started to break the shell and it is hopefully growing slowly into a little plant). It still seems to be intangible and difficult to express, however I deeply feel that a transformative process has taken place once I have started the training.


  • I feel very enthusiastic to continue primarily integrating the “Orders of love” in my own life and in the work that I do in my family psychotherapy. I am finding that this is happening spontaneously. Nowadays, it has become a frame of mind that when I meet clients and get to know their stories, together with my systemic psychotherapy background, the “Orders of love” are becoming like a lens through which I make meaning of their stories and from which I guide my interventions.


  • I have learnt so much about myself, my work and met some very special people which I can now call my soul sisters. This training has had a significant positive impact on my personal life, I feel like I now have much healthier relationships, understand myself on a deeper level and I just feel like I’m living a happy and meaningful life. This training has had a significant positive impact on my professional life. I have had consistent good feedback from clients that the work that I offer has significantly improved their quality of life. I feel like I’m doing the job I was put here to do. I am so grateful to have completed this training and honored to have had the opportunity to have worked with such a great teacher.


  • This course provided me with multiple possibilities to grow. These presented themselves in the various modes of learning.  The modules, which served as a means of explaining the theoretical basic of the training, often started the process of thinking and reflecting.  The group sessions which accompanied the theoretical understanding allowed for more exploring of the presented topics. 


  • The space created on all levels provided me with safety and a sense of acceptance. This I felt across the board. I felt that all the members of the group were open to different ideas and beliefs and thus at no point did I ever feel judged.


  • I was immediately drawn to this training since I knew straight away that not only would it assist me further in my personal and spiritual development, but it would also provide me with concrete tools and methods of working with clients in a way that resonates with my true self. What I became aware of during these 12 months of training was extremely eye-opening and transformational for me.


  • A very significant aspect of this training was learning about the Orders of Helping. Although, in principle, I had learnt about them in my previous professional training, the way they were presented this time round somehow left a greater impact on me.


  • This training process was a stepping-stone in my journey to trust my intuition, tuning with my heart space towards an approach of acknowledging, allowing and accepting. Instead of assimilating and applying the knowledge unknowingly, it was moving me, transforming me, embedding in me a mind-set that enhanced all areas in my life.


  • What I grew to love in this work is that it is timeless and not constrained by space. With these insights, I incorporated in my daily life simple rituals that keep honoring this work. The “Orders of Love” became like a map for me.


  • This year of training, bursting with knowledge, insights and experiences lead me to start comprehending how exactly the “Orders of Love” work. Understanding that there are laws fueled by love, binding in the interactions of one another, and encapsulated within unconscious forces, lead to emotional, trans-generational healing. Every action creates a rippling effect, and every reaction restores the love or expands the infringement of love. When life is honored, relationships acknowledged and fate accepted, our souls achieve profound resolutions.


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  • When I decided to join the training, I knew. I will transform. But I had no idea how deep and diverse this transformation will be. Even now I feel like there is something more about my inner change to be discovered, more that I am aware of. It was definitely life-changing for me.


  • For years I’ve been struggling to find a satisfying profession in life. I still I do not have a clear idea, but I feel guided and family constellation is either an answer or an important step on the way to discover it.


  • My systemic journey has helped me acknowledge what truly is, and with this brings a deeper connection to myself and others. It has allowed me to what I have learnt and make space for the new. This journey opened the path for deep healing, and a sacred acknowledgement of my ancestral roots.


  • This course helped guide me to this inner posture of slowing down, and taking the time to listen to my intuition, and be guided from the heart.


  • I am learning to approach others differently by showing a systemic empathy, viewing them not only as individuals, but as part of a larger family system. Only, then I can gauge a holistic understanding of the individual, and judgement is then replaced with humbleness and respect.


  • For a long time, I conceptualized my life into two boxes, it was either black (bad) or white (good) at any given moment. Having only these two concepts in mind made living a constant inner struggle between feeling good and guilty. The training helped me realise how limiting these beliefs were- and that the truth is there are many shades of grey in between. At times, I may feel good, other times low, or neutral and this is all okay. This reflects how life truly is; a constant wave that takes us to different states and journeys.


  • At the beginning of this course, I was unable to answer the question “Who am I?” My identity was simply the stories I told myself, and responsibility I carried that was not mine. Throughout the training, I became aware of the many aspects of myself that make up my own identity. I connected to my true self, my inner child, my masculine, as well as my feminine, my passions and creativity.


  • My systemic journey has been an enriching process that continues to impact all aspects of life. Most importantly I understood that healing and connection starts with me. It has taught me to become an observer, to be humble with life as it happens to me, and to trust the process as it unfolds. Above all, I welcomed self-compassion into my life, and reconciled the different parts of myself, including my shadows. This has enabled me to feel whole again, acknowledge what is and what was, and feel at peace. I look forward to continuing this systemic journey, as it is a life-long process of learning, unlearning, connection, and healing.


  • During this process, I also became increasingly aware of the depth and the width of the knowledge available and the more I invest in this journey, the more I acknowledge the need for more learning. This brought about the importance of a humble approach both towards the circumstances of my life and towards my professional life.


  • Both during this training and through all the constellations, I lived the incredible potential of the work. Moreover, over this past year, I became more aware of how much the understanding of systemic and trans-generational impact, and the “Orders of love” are highly needed in all areas of personal and professional life.


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  • Throughout this learning process, I could truly appreciate how all the issues in my relationships were linked to past generational traumas of the persons around me. This helped me to gain a systemic understanding of how past wounds, exclusions, and entanglements have shaped the persons around me and then overflowed in my own relationships.


  • The training helped in changing my inner posture towards being able to accept what is and also form healthier limits and boundaries. This change in inner posture has a deep impact on both the clients I work with and my relationship with them. It also enables me to honor where my clients are coming from.


  • I firmly believe that the learning outcomes of this training are essential in both my own personal outlook on life and in my approach towards helping clients in my work. These concepts have enabled me to tap into my own resourcefulness and also engage with clients in a different way. This process has also given me different and wider perspectives of the stories of my clients and has opened a lot of possibilities of how to support them in a meaningful way. It is like it has given me a different lens through which I see the client and their contexts. The “Orders of love” are an essential tool in how I learn about my clients and how I intervene as a practitioner. 


  • This process has given me more confidence in my abilities as a therapist and also my outlook on my role within the service and my work with other professionals. I truly feel in awe and very grateful for what this process led me to, namely, a life where I feel that I am not in constant pain and struggling, but rather focusing on healing and acceptance.


  • The first time I looked at the training description on Ursula’s website and researched about the philosophy behind her training as well as her biography, I felt that this type of training was in a way calling me to take it. What struck me most is that it is not an academic training and the impression that it is not as intensive as an academic Master’s degree. It later proved that the training is indeed intensive despite not being academic, and on a personal level it shook me and my life in a positive way.


  • The spirit of love and reconciliation was constantly present like a bright guiding star on the sky of the training. It goes above and beyond the idea of “learning” on a mental level. I feel it in my heart as a beautiful transmission of peace.


  • This training was a soulful immersion into the essence of the Family Constellation work. It provided both the educational foundation (psychological concepts and navigational tools) and the experiential framework to integrate this work.


  • For me Family Constellations came as a re-birthing process. What seemed at the beginning as a magical therapeutic strategy it later revealed itself as a life Through this work I was presented with a truthful, heart touching encountering with my subconscious. Seeing the unseen of me was suddenly more than a hypothesis. It was a real, tangible picture.


  • The most important thing that touched my life both personally and professionally in this training is the concept of the „internal posture”. This for me is a magical but down-to-earth tool to change my reality in real-time. It was a big revelation to see how my internal posture automatically creates/attracts a particular inner posture in the person I connect with. If there was any trace of victim or blaming others left, this concept erased them all.


  • After attending the Art of Helping training, I find myself with an inner posture that is more tolerant of the differences in characters of those around me. I understand that we all have our individual ways of working and we are all different personalities, with values that do not always match or overlap.

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  • One of the many exercises was life-changing for me! I did not understand until that point how much our inner attitude shows and shines through, even when we do not say anything. The exercise made me re-think my approach, both towards colleagues and even towards my family, partner, and friends.


  • After attending the training on the Art of Helping I am much more grounded and centered in my approach to both the professional and personal life. This has given me a very good foundation to start from. The foundation has been set both in the sense of acquired knowledge and in the sense of having a completely new internal posture. This is the posture of someone who is no longer afraid to go after their dreams and make them into a reality.


  • I sought out a constellation facilitator and found Ursula. As a client, I experienced her style, inner posture, and approach to be unlike what I was accustomed to. It suited me extremely well and from my first constellation I experienced a deep insight and was more convinced that I needed to do more of this. The hand of fate made it so that shortly after a new cohort of basic training in constellations opened and, backed by a strong intuition that this was for me, I instantly decided to enroll. My previous experience of working in a training group had been literally traumatic and being a therapist, I was aware that I was re-entering the traumatic situation. But I believed and deep down I knew that it was well worth the price. Indeed, it has been one of the best decisions in my life. The basic training group was simply wonderful – supportive and flowing – and Ursula’s facilitation was gentle, supportive and transparent.


  • The “Orders of Helping” generate in the therapist a beautiful inner posture – which I especially value in this training, as I intuitively feel that it is right – right for me, at any rate. The inner posture of the constellations / systemic facilitator is judgement-free, without intentions, unattached to an outcome and purely open to the Knowing Field and what it brings. In this posture, I feel part of something bigger than myself, as though I am channeling (in a simple and very grounded way) something greater, in the service of love and reconciliation. And it is beautiful.


  • “Integrating the “Orders of Love” in my life has supported me immensely personally and has enhanced the quality of my life and my relationships. In addition, retaining the facilitator’s inner posture and working with the “Orders of Helping” supports me to better support my clients.


  • However, this is not the reason I choose this course. The Systemic Family Constellation approach offers a spiritual take of psychotherapy. An area I felt that it was missing professionally. Sometimes I see therapists that do not challenge themselves to grow through their traumas and life experiences. I did not want to be like that. I recall a professional saying that the clients will heal and grow according to how much the therapist is ready to face and heal her own past. Thus, this course was also necessary to improve my work.


  • I knew Ursula and I knew that I could trust her, and she can contain me if needed. Confidentiality of shared information was felt not only by her but also in the group work among colleagues. Without the feeling of safety, I would have not advanced in my healing. I did not feel that Ursula was the more powerful one between us two. Instead, we were equal in working on co-creating the work together. I came in touch with her acceptance, this went beyond how different we are as individuals and how different our background is. Ursula mirrored what I as a therapist aim for in my daily practice. That is to attune to the client yet allow myself to respectfully detach at the same time while meeting the client with an open heart.


  • Through the work in this course my preference and style of working continued to emerge. It was a continuous journey of growth and healing which I allowed myself to face with courage. The lessons I learned from my own past will be with me to guide me in my work with clients. I know that I took a lot out of it. I now feel more supported to embrace my clients’ narrative and be there through their journey.

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