Via Email

Some of my clients prefer to communicate via email, it is easier for them to write.
I am someone who loves writing and for me these are the positive sides of this way of communication:
  • You can take your time and write everything that comes to your mind, without being disturbed and whenever you have time to do it.
  • I can answer directly to your thoughts – step by step – and let my intuition and inner voice guide me with what comes up.
  • You have everything in written form – your sharing and my answers – and can get back to it any time you want and reflect on it.
The fees for this kind of communication are calculated with the time I need to read and answer your emails. I calculate 50 EUR for every 60 minutes.
You will have to pay a deposit of 50 EUR before the email sessions start and I will send you detailed information about the time spent after every 60 minutes and an invoice.
I case of overpayment you will get the respective refund.
Please use the following link to get in touch and book your session via email exchange.