About me

First of all I see myself as a human being on a journey that included a lot of experiences, learning and trainings and is still going on. So in this I might not be very different from you.
I am a woman who married at 39 and became mother at 41 and I can say full of gratitude that I have the most loving and wonderful husband and daughter. But also this didn’t come by itself.
I am a daughter of parents who did what they could to make their children’s life a good one – and still for many years I felt not seen, not accepted, not supported in what I wanted to become and be. There were a lot of wounds that finally healed until love could flow unconditionally.
I am a sister of a sister who doesn’t seem to care, a relationship where contact has been lost despite my efforts to reconnect. But I love her and wish her well.
My life is a sum of ups and downs, tears and laughter, pain and joy, disappointments and success and all this makes it rich and deep.
In retrospective all made and makes sense and because my life is and was what it is and was, I am compassionate, strong, wise and respectful enough to work with fellow human beings.
Of course, there is also my professional background as systemic and transgenerational practitioner, family constellation facilitator and counsellor providing me with the adequate and necessary tools to work with you creating a safe space for healing.
Yet, above all, when it comes to my work – no matter if in a private session or in a workshop – I see myself as a temporary companion supporting you on your life  journey until you feel ready to move on alone again.
I am looking forward to meeting you
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