– Diploma in Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapy and Existential Analysis, which is based on the premise that the human person is motivated by a “will to meaning,” an inner pull to find a meaning in life. Every human being is unique with an entity of body, mind and spirit and meaning can only be found in a unique personal way (2001)
– Qualification as Family and Systemic Constellation Practitioner (2012)
– Working as counsellor and systemic practitioner in Austria (2012-2015)
– Working as systemic practitioner and family constellation facilitator in Malta (2015-2018)
– Working as counsellor (accredited registered member of the National Counselling Society UK) and systemic practitioner (2018-2020)
– Supervisor (Advanced Diploma in Counselling supervision – 2019)
– Advanced Diploma in Transpersonal Therapy: Bringing Mindfulness to Relationship (2019-2020)
-Trainer for Family and Systemic constellations since 2019
At first I applied my logotherapeutic knowledge and counselling skills in the field of human resources and counselling in the workplace – staff appraisal and performance reviews, handling conflictual situations between staff members or managers and staff, teambuilding, etc.
After our move to Malta in 2015 I introduced the family constellation work there with great success to the general public and I am still going back there a couple of times a year to continue my work.
During my stay in the UK (2018 to 2020) I opened the constellation perspective for my colleagues in Exeter, offering CPD days, supervision and supervision groups.
In 2019 I started to train students in family and systemic constellations.
After my move to Bulgaria in Summer 2020 I continued my work online (due to the pandemic) and besides holding online workshops and continuing the training, I developed my own way of working with constellations in 1to1 settings, working with clients from all over the world.
I have facilitated more than 500 constellations with hundreds of participants of different backgrounds and nationalities in my workshops.
I offer counseling, supervision, constellations and workshops in English, German and Italian and as energy does not know time and space, the work can be done amazingly well online and you can work with me from every corner of the world.



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