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In 2023 I will be present more frequently in Romania and offer some additional themed workshops in Cluj.

These will NOT be the usual constellation workshops but include more elements and approaches. So let yourself be surprised.

Each workshop lasts 2 full days (9:00 to 18.00) and will happen with a minimum of 4 registrants. Maximum participants will be limited to 8 to make sure there will be enough time and space for everyone.
The fee for each 2-day workshop is 155 EUR including a personal preparation with the single registrants.



22.+23. July 2023 – Who am I without my story?

Most of us continue to live in the stories of the past and also in stories that we have created around it. Stories about ourselves and around others. Being caught in these stories does not really help us and often hinders us from living our authentic life. This workshop will be a journey of understanding that you are much more than your story and open a new chapter in your life.


18.+19. November 2023 – The man I am

Being a man in our century can be a challenge and the opportunities for men to explore their place in the world in a safe space are limited. This workshop will be a journey of discovering the treasure within yourself and how you find your place in the world. I know it might be challenging to go on this journey with a woman, but I trust that the ones who know me already or heard about me feel safe enough to join.


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I am happy to offer another “Orders of Helping” seminar.

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