Basic training in systemic / family constellations

Knowing about family constellations and the trans-generational approach in my experience is the most respectful, integrative, non-judgmental and compassionate way of working with our clients or relating to any person we meet in our private and professional life.
The trans-generational approach of constellations can be implemented in every kind of service to human beings – no matter if you are a psychotherapist or a counsellor, a holistic or transformational coach, a massage or body therapist, a doctor, a nurse, a social or street worker or of any other profession that supports people in living a better life – emotionally, healthwise or professionally. And it can be integrated in our private life and contribute to healthy and enriching relationships and a fulfilled life.
It respects every person’s being as an individual but embraces the truth that they are embedded in something bigger – not only in their family system and ancestral connections but also in a dynamic that goes beyond rational thinking. And with this it accesses the transpersonal level. It is not bound to any religious or spiritual belief system nor is it bound to any school of thought or academic theoretical framework –but it can be integrated in all of them.
It is phenomenological – which means that we go with what shows up, we do not try to fix someone or something. We do not try to put our own ideas and concepts on someone else.
Next year’s BASIC TRAINING will start on the 2nd of May 2024

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