Systemic / Family Constellations

I am passionate about systemic / family constellations because they have changed my own life so much in a positive way and helped me to become the person I am today.
They have supported me in healing old wounds from childhood and relationship issues, in getting more in touch with myself, in learning to trust my intuition and in leading more and more my own authentic life.
And above all, they have put me in touch with the most wonderful people from all over the world that are still part of my life journey.
I personally believe that the constellation work is one of the big peace building methods we have in our times and that we are still not aware of its whole potential.
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What is constellation work?
Family or systemic constellation work is a healing technique where hidden dynamics and loyalties that exist in a family system come to the surface and become conscious.
We become aware of wounds that we still carry from the past and of unresolved conflicts not only in my personal past but also in the past of my parents, my grandparents, my great-grandparents or even back more generations.
Whatever is unresolved in a family system is stored in this system, in the family consciousness, and can influence our life in many different ways – from positive support and strength to pain and suffering, burdens that we carry for someone else.
Until pain, suffering, blame, guilt, shame and all other unresolved trauma in our family system are in the unconscious, the flow of love and life can be misdirected or blocked for future generations.
In constellations we bring these dynamics to consciousness, we witness and experience them first-hand – and allow them to come to the surface, to light, to see everything in a different and much bigger perspective. And that is where healing begins.
How are constellation workshops performed?
Constellations are mostly done in a group process where participants are supporting each other in letting something become visible that has been invisible about their own lives. However we can also work with constellations in 1to1 sessions.
In the group we have “issue holders” which are the participants who choose to work on a question or issue and “representatives” which are participants who support the “issue holders” by representing family members or aspects needed to find the solutions. The “representatives” do not “play roles”, it is not psychodrama. All they do is connect to the present moment and share body sensations or feelings that come up.
Who would benefit from a constellation?
Well, I think everybody can benefit from participating in a constellation.
This work supports us in creating loving, healthy and fulfilling relationships – with ourselves and with others in our private and professional life.
It helps us to expand our awareness and increase our emotional intelligence and to become aware of a bigger picture.
All in all, it is a beautiful way to better understand ourselves, others and the world around us and thus live a happy and authentic life.
The most important aspect of systemic / family constellations?
For me the constellation approach is a life philosophy – especially working with what Hellinger called “The orders of love”.
Basically it gives a totally new perspective how to look at all this different kind of relationships. Hellinger discovered something that he called the orders of love, which help us to act like human beings in a mature way, in an intelligent way in situations that are complicated.
And today, if we look at any family or at any relationships the situation is often very complicated. There is children from divorced couples and then there is new relationships and then there is their relationships and then the laws of love give an understanding of when love flows and when it doesn’t , when it will stop or when people will feel hurt and pull back into isolation.
Hunter Beaumont says: “If you want love to flourish you must do what nourishes it and you must refrain from what harms it! Love follows the hidden order of the Greater Soul.” And Bert Hellinger says: “Love must fit into an order. This order is the foundation of love, and love must obey. This is the same elsewhere in nature. A tree grows according to its inner order. It cannot be changed. Only within this order can it unfold. The same goes for love and for human relationships: they can only unfold and flourish within a specific order, and this order is given to them.”
So when we know about the orders of love we can integrate them into our life, we can become aware of when love doesn’t flow anymore, when we don’t respect one of the natural orders that govern the flow of love.
Knowing about the “Orders of love” and integrating them into our daily life leads to greater understanding, inner peace and relaxation. It helps us to face our everyday life and the challenges that everyday life brings in a very different way.
With constellations we learn that we are individuals and we have the right and the task to live our own authentic life, but that we are also part of something bigger, which is the family system, or other systems which need to be acknowledged. If we try to ignore this connection or fight it, it will stick to us and become a burden. But if we face it – which we do in constellations – issues can be resolved in a compassionate and non-judgemental way.
You can find more information about the family system, the “Orders of Love” and family constellations

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