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Family Constellation Weekend “When the Heart Breaks Free”

We are happy to invite you to another

Family Constellation weekend in Cluj-Napoca



Friday, 29th March 2024 (18:00 – 22:00)

2 more representative spaces available

Saturday, 30th March 2024 (10:00 – 19:00)

(Please note that Saturday 30th March is fully booked.)

Sunday, 31st March 2024 (10:00 – 19:00)

(Please note that Sunday 31st March is fully booked.)
Please note that if you register for one of the days, you commit to come to the whole workshop, not parts of it. Thank you for your understanding.


COMMUNITY LAB, Str. Busuiocului nr. 27B, Cluj Napoca




125 EUR (first time working with me) / 90 EUR (follow up constellations)

(Own constellations are fully booked now; waiting list open)



Friday evening: 120 Lei

Saturday OR Sunday: 200 Lei

Friday AND one full day: 270 Lei

Saturday AND Sunday: 350 Lei

All three days: 450 Lei

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 Spaces are limited




The workshop will start with a short introduction about the “Orders of Love” and Ursula’s way of working with constellations.

This time we will also include the approach of Wilfried Nelles’ Life Integration Process, depending on your questions.

The workshop will be held in English.

For any questions you might have, please get in touch via email

I am looking very much forward to meeting you,





And you can join me for the workshop “CONSTELLATIONS FOR LOVE AND RECONCILIATION” on June 8th, during THE INNER – Mapping inside

For more information and registration FOLLOW THIS LINK



Family constellation work is a very effective approach to heal all kind of issues that we carry with us in our life.

Every human being is part of a family system. A family constellation can do both: unveil and heal familial entanglements and hidden loyalties, as well as reconnect us to the resources or supporting forces of our family and ancestors.

The information which is essential for healing in a family constellation is accessed through “Representative Perception”. The participants of the group that act as representatives (for family members, organs, diseases, or other aspects) come up with intuitive feelings or movements that lead to uncover what wants to be seen, make unconscious patterns visible and start the process of healing.

A constellation makes sense in the following situations:

– Relationship disorders, loneliness, dissatisfaction, problems with children
– Problems at work, burn-out syndrome, lack of success, financial problems
– Physical or mental illness (depression, anxiety, skin diseases, drug or alcohol dependence, cancer, heart diseases, etc.)

Constellations do not only have an effect on our own lives, but they can have a healing effect for entire families and groups. They are an incredible loving, non-judgmental, respectful, powerful and in-depth approach that really makes a change.

IMPORTANT: A constellation is not a “magic wand” and cannot replace a consultation with your doctor in case of serious illness!


You are very welcome – no matter from which path you are coming, if you have an issue or question that you would like to work on, if you are interested in the approach because you are a counselor or therapist or if you just want to experience what it is like to be a representative.

After an introduction about family constellations and the “Orders of love” we will go with what comes up, respectively with what the participants have booked.

Ursula is a trans-personal therapist, facilitator, supervisor and trainer of constellations. She has facilitated more than 700 constellations with hundreds of participants of different backgrounds and nationalities. She is working in Bulgaria, Malta, Romania and online all over the world.