Zoom is a great tool to work with people from all around the world.
It gives you the opportunity to work with me no matter where you live. Connecting with me through Zoom is easy and free of charge.
The only thing you need is a laptop, a quiet room where you are not disturbed for the time of the session and a bit of space.
Every other information you might need will be given in a first email after you get in touch with me.  
A Zoom session will take up to 2.00 hours to make sure that there is enough time to give you the best of service and outcome and create a safe space.
This is how an online session has been experienced by a client:
“Thank you so much for yesterday. I am really grateful for what we have worked through during the session.
Today I see my life in a new light somehow, the past and the life ahead as well. The work you do is really incredible and powerful, it can change lives. Thank you really so much.”
First time working with me: 150 EUR (120 min including preparation)
Follow up sessions: 110 EUR (120 min)
Sessions for couples: 200 EUR (120 min)
Payment prior to the appointment via bank transfer, Revolut or WISE.
You need to get in touch with me beforehand to make an appointment which will be confirmed.