What happens after the Basic Training?

At the end of the BASIC training there will be a test on the theoretical knowledge (for all participants) and also an assessment of the practical skills for the ones who would like to go ahead with the ADVANCED training.

No worries, there won’t be any marks and no “pass” or “fail”,  but a constructive and honest feedback and personal statement which can also be used as a reference for your future professional plans.

You will receive

A Certificate of Attendance and Successful Completion of the BASIC TRAINING

 along with a personal evaluation

One of your questions might be if this training is accredited or if you will get a job with this training.

The family constellation work has different standings in different countries and as far as I know there is an accreditation only in Germany. But also here accreditation means that at a certain point in time some people came together and decided about what is accredited and what others have to do to meet these standards.

Does accreditation really guarantee a good training or say anything about the trainer or about the therapist, counsellor or facilitator?

There is a great freedom in not being accredited. Because then the standard is the quality of your own practice and it allows you to develop your work in your own pace and responsibility and not under the pressure of rules and requirements.

For me personally my training in family constellations years ago was the missing link to become a counsellor. Also my training was not “accredited” by some organization or institution.

Whatever we do with the knowledge and the tools that we gain, in the end it depends on us and how we integrate them into our life. It depends on our openness, our sense of responsibility and most of all on our courage to go new and independent ways.

There are many paths to become a family constellation facilitator or to work with the gained knowledge after the training. Some people take lots of time and maybe choose to participate in other trainings until they feel ready. Others take less time and they start earlier. Some of you might never become constellation facilitators but use the systemic knowledge and principles in their different professions – and this could be from therapeutic work to business coaching or marketing.

But whatever you decide afterwards – one thing is for sure:

This training definitely will not be wasted.

If you have further questions or need further clarification, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Best wishes