What are the dates?

The next BASIC TRAINING will start on May 4th 2023


The uniqueness of this training is the interlocking of 3 components

  • theoretical online group modules (2 hours each – from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm CET) with focus on the theoretical basics of constellation work and other important aspects that will be put in practice in the practical modules

  • individual online 1to1 sessions (2 hours each / scheduled individually) for personal development and supervision In these sessions you will receive individual support and coaching regarding questions you might have or blockages you might encounter. This will be done mostly through constellations online.

  • 7 days online practice that give the participants the opportunity to explore the roles of a facilitator and to understand if constellation work is something they would like to integrate in their present or future professional practice through the following ADVANCED course.

The theoretical online group modules build up on each other and alternate with the individual online 1to1 sessions and practical immersion.
Prior to every online group session you will receive video presentations with the content of the session. It is your responsibility to use this material for preparation, so that the group can benefit and make the most of the time during the online classes.
Please be aware that by registering for this training training you commit to be present for the whole 7 online practical days. This is prerequisite to hold the container and the safe space for this work and to guarantee you the best outcome. Thank you for your understanding.
Please note that to successfully complete this training you will need to have done all of the 6 individual sessions and be present at least at 10 of the 12 theoretical online group sessions as well as the whole 7 practical days. The theoretical online group modules will be recorded and accessible also after the time scheduled, so that you can catch up with the missed material.

These are the modules and dates for the next training

04.05. and 18.05.2023
Module 1 (2 theoretical online group sessions)
08.06. and 22.06.2023
Module 2 (2 theoretical online group sessions)
03.07. – 06.07. and 18.07 – 21.07.2023
Module 3 ( 2 individual sessions)
One individual session in each of the two weeks will be scheduled with every participant personally
27.07 and 10.08.2023
Module 4 (2 theoretical online group sessions)
02.+03.09./ 09.+10.09. and 16.09.2023
Module 5 ( Intense practice – 5 full days online)
This module might be held as a whole retreat of 5 days – to be agreed with the participants.
03.10.-06.10. and 23.10. – 26.10.2023
Module 6 ( 2 individual sessions)
One individual session in each of the two weeks will be scheduled with every participant personally
02.11. and 16.11.2023
Module 7 (2 theoretical online group sessions)
30.11. and 14.12.2023
Module 8 (2 theoretical online group sessions)
Module 9 (individual sessions)
One individual sessionwill be scheduled with every participant personally


01.02. and 15.02.2024
Module 10 (2 theoretical online group sessions)
26.02. – 29.02. 2024
Module 11a (individual sessions /individual support for last clarification)
One individual session will be scheduled with every participant personally
Module 11b (online test of theoretical knowledge)


Module 12 ( 2 Practice days and final assessments – online)

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

Thank you and best regards