Personal Development Group for Professionals

Personal development groups offer a possibility of growth and support to people working in therapeutic, educational, or organizational settings or any people-focused profession. Being part a of a personal development group can be a unique and magical experience. It requires openness and courage and is a valuable opportunity to understand how we affect and are affected by others.

Here just some examples of benefits of being part of such a group.

  • Develop a greater awareness of how you relate to yourself and others

  • Discover the patterns you have developed for dealing with your life and decide whether these strategies have outlived their usefulness

  • Work with what are sometimes experienced as ‘difficult’ emotions, anger, fear, vulnerability etc.

As all my seminars and workshops are based on the “Orders of love” and constellation work, also in this group this will be our foundation.

We will meet once every 2 months. This will make sure that you have a secure point of reference and yet are not overwhelmed with too many commitments.

The first 3 dates are set and then we will decide with the participants about how to proceed.

In order to create a safe space where the participants can build up trust and connection, registration needs to be done before the first meeting on February 15th 2022. Admissions after the first meeting can only be considered after agreement of the whole group.  

For any questions in regard, please use the CONTACT form on this website.

I am very much looking forward to this new project.

Dates: 15.02., 12.04., 14.06. 2022 (all Tuesdays)

(following dates to agree with the group)

Time: 18:30 – max. 21:30 CET

Participation fee: 30 EUR / session

(spaces limited to 8 participants)