LOOKING GENTLY AT MYSELF – online self-care day – 18.11.23

This year was intense and tough for many of us. A lot of changes, doubts, insecurities and more. I have hardly met anyone who hasn’t gone through some difficult moments in 2023.

In these circumstances instead of slowing down, seeking support and opening up, we often push ourselves even more. We think all the others are happy and we should just carry on and not make a fuss.

We believe that if we just hold on a little longer, things will get better. 

I was thinking that sometimes we just need one day to reflect, to remember, to be gentle with ourselves again and to understand that we are not alone. This was how the idea for “Looking gently at myself” was born.

It is my offer to you – and if it resonates, join us for this day where you will be in the center of your own attention.

Let us end the year with gentleness and an open heart, with meditation and some beautiful exercises in a safe space.

If you have any questions in regard, simply get in touch.

Looking forward to meeting you there




Date: Saturday 18th November 2023

Time: 10:00 am to 7:00 pm CET (with breaks in between)

Venue: Online on Zoom

Participation fee: 50 EUR

Registration needs to be done until November 15th

The workshop will happen with a minimum of 4 participants