Finally in peace with my parents

March 20th/21st 2021

A special 2-days workshop – a start into a self-determined life

No matter how old we are and no matter if our parents are still alive or not – our relationship with them affects all areas of our life.

The crucial point is not how they are or were, but how we perceive them, judge them, think about them and behave with them. It is our own story that we build or have built around us and our parents that has more influence on our life than we can imagine.

You do not need your parents to be there to heal this relationship. All it needs is your own readiness to learn more about this unique bond and how to integrate the past  in order to live a self-determined present and future.

Healing the relationship with your parents can change your whole attitude towards life.

This is NOT a traditional constellation workshop! EACH ONE of the participants will work with a colourful selection of different tools like consciousness-raising constellations, “The Work” of Byron Katie, drawing, movement and guided meditation.

Spaces are limited to 6 participants to guarantee a deep immersion.

Time: 2 days (Saturday/Sunday) – 10:00 am to 6:00 pm (CET time) each day (with breaks in between)

Fees: 100 EUR for both days

As there are still so many travel restrictions and insecurities  and things might not change much until summer, this workshop is online and we will meet via Zoom. You can join from everywhere in the world – only need a laptop, stable internet connection and a quiet undisturbed space.

Looking forward to going on this journey of reconciliation with you


For any questions please get in touch through the contact form of this website. You can register through the link below.
Find here some testimonials from former workshops of this kind:

“Thanks for helping me grow. It was a lovely workshop, summarizing what I really need. I cannot  thank you enough.”

“The overall feeling at the end of the program was lightness and clarity. I found the whole experience life-changing and have referred back to my learning time & time again since completing the two days.”

“The workshop was brilliantly led and I can say it changed the way I look at my mother.”