Evening seminar – Malta 20.02.2024

How the trans-generational perspective and the “Orders of Love and Helping” can support your work with clients / students / parents and increase your own well-being


Seminar for therapists, counselors, trainees, teachers, educators, and everyone working in a helping profession


Date: Tuesday, 20th February 2024

Time: 6:30 pm to 10:30 pm

Venue: Polaris Consultancy, Mosta

Participation fee: 40 EUR

A CPD certificate of participation can be issued – please request it upon registration.




No matter which helping profession we have chosen (therapists, counselors, educators, or other) – we all started our path out of a deep wish to help.

We want to help others to heal, to have a better life, to have better relationships, with themselves and the world around them.

And there are different approaches to this helping. Different techniques, different schools of thought, different theories. Some of them even might be contradictory.

And yet, no matter which approach or helping profession we practice – there are 2 deep truths.

  • For most of us our choice is connected to our own childhood stories, and we started out of a sometimes conscious, often unconscious longing to heal or save a parent, a sibling or another member of our family.

  • True helping and deep healing can happen only in special circumstances. It is not something that we can “make” or “create”.

During these evening hours we will explore together these two aspects from a perspective of the Orders of Love and the Orders of Helping. Please note that this is not about constellations, but about the life philosophy which they are based on.

We will explore how they are not “just another theory or modality” but a fundamental aspect of life itself that can be integrated in every helping profession as an enrichment that will:

  • Open up new healing spaces and perspectives in the work with your clients and students

  • Deepen the healing experiences of both (client and therapist)

  • Support the therapist’s or teacher’s well-being

Allow yourself this experience and join us with a curious and open heart.

Come along even if you are skeptical or critical. We learn and grow by respectfully voicing our doubts and concerns in a safe space.

I am very much looking forward to meeting you.

In the spirit of love and reconciliation

Ursula Bell