Testimonials – Other Workshops

This is what participants in special workshops said

(For reasons of privacy only the initials of the testimonials are mentioned)
Finally in Peace with my Parents
“Thank you for sharing your special gift with us. I haven ‘t felt so light in ages. And thank you for all the additional information. This is what I’ve learnt: The order of love is paramount *** If you can’t forgive its ok,replace this with acceptance *** Sometimes what you dislike in another is a reflection of what you dislike in yourself *** Everyone has a story, respect that even, if you don’t understand it. Thank you.”
(“DM” – Workshop “Finally in Peace with my parents”)
“I wanted to thank you for the two wonderful days, a beautiful workshop, a beautiful group. I really perceived the greatness of the universe inside that small room and it was beautiful. Thank you.” 
(“RM” – Workshop “Finally in Peace with my parents”)
My Mother and I
“Thanks for helping me grow. It was a lovely workshop, summarizing what I really need. I cannot  thank you enough.”
(“ZM” – Workshop “My mother and I”)
“Thank you for your beatitude energy, insight and workshop.”
(“SR” – Workshop “My mother and I”)
Mothers and Daughters
“Think of a recurring stressful situation with your mother that is reliably stressful – even though it may have happened only once and recurs only in your mind”…
This was my starting point; the question that Ursula sent that sparked the reliving of my ‘issue with my mother ’. Once the ‘situation’ was happily lodged in my minds eye I proceeded to answer the preparative questions in readiness for the workshop: Mothers & Daughters. The answers came easily & rapidly, my perceived frustrations boldly printed & documented, ready for Ursula to ‘help me deal with them’…or so I thought!
It is never as you expect – your perceptions are never 100% accurate and never was this more true than how I felt at the end of the two days. The overall feeling at the end of the program was lightness and clarity. I found the whole experience life-changing and have referred back to my learnings time & time again since completing the two days.
I realised that my mis-conceptions about my relationship with my mother are of my own making and therefore well within my power to change. This in itself was a truly powerful realisation and has given me much to ponder on with regards other relationships I have and it has given me some skills to be able to assess my impact within these relationships and the courage & power to alter them should they be less than positive for both parties.
Ursula is a skilled coach – she is extremely sensitive to both the individual needs and the needs of the group as a whole. Through her expert guidance & knowledge she was able to steer the group to some powerfully cleansing realisations, bringing each & every one of us to a place from which we can move forward to develop our relationships with ourselves, our mothers, daughters or whomsoever is in our lives, in a way that feels right to us.
I am so grateful for the chance to meet some generous, kind & empathetic women, who in their openness throughout the workshop ensured that solutions were found and friendships forged. I can highly recommend this workshop – it is two days that will change your life for the better… something which is always worth pursuing!
(“PL” – Workshop “Mothers and Daughters”)
I can safely say that this workshop was a God-sent. Days prior to seeing Ursula’s advert on Facebook, I had been mulling on the next step to take in working on the relationship with my mother. And when I saw the post, I knew I had to go for it. I didn’t know Ursula or the other participants but we bonded immediately.  The workshop was brilliantly led and I can say it changed the way I look at my mother. I now see her with new eyes, with understanding, love and compassion. It was a very healing and transforming experience for me and I definitely recommend this workshop to anyone who is open and willing to work on this mother-daughter relationship.
(“EV” – Workshop “Mothers and Daughters”)
“The Mother and Daughter workshop facilitated by Ursula, was the perfect container for delving deeper into core issues that were begging to be resolved between mothers and daughters in a comfortable and yet demanding way.
Ursula gently led us through this process with warmth, wisdom, gentleness, and clear direction.     Every part of the weekend workshop gracefully continued building/or digging on the previous section.    At the end of this amazing journey, it was very natural to let go of old stories that no longer serve, and to radically change my thinking.   I am grateful for having attended this workshop, and heartily recommend it to both mothers and daughters seeking clarity and resolution in this intimate relationship that affects our lives in many more ways than we imagine. With much gratitude for this amazing experience.”
(“NB” – Workshop “Mothers and Daughters”)
“The experiences described by the different women attending this workshop, relating their (strong, painful, difficult or demanding) relationships with their mothers – or as mothers with their daughters- made me realise the tremendous influence of our mothers on us, the way we still feel obliged to be liked and approved or understood by them, and last but not least, the way we unconsciously want to change them by wanting to change their attitude and their speech towards us.
On the second day I had that recurrent question in mind: Why do we act this way?
Ursula’s sentence: “everybody has the right to their own fate” became very striking. I left the workshop with this work in mind: to live my own life and be confident in my decisions and choices, while letting my mother live her own life and my daughters be confident in their own choices. Which doesn’t mean i have to take some distance, on the contrary i can still be very present, helpful and loving.”
(“SH” – Workshop “Mothers & Daughters”)
My Partner is exactly the right one
“That workshop blew my mind. I’m looking at everything differently!!! I noticed since I made my ‘commitment’ to love myself and keep up a dialogue with my Inner Child, I’ve noticed several behavioural changes in myself which I am very pleased with. So thank you, thank you, thank you again!”
(“NS” – Workshop “My partner is exactly the right one” )
“I really enjoyed the discussions that we had and once again I realized that after all we all share very similar concerns. As you can imagine I’m still thinking and processing all that happened during the weekend. Lots of information to absorb that will need some time to sink in. However I can already tell you that now I have more insight on certain processes and issues that I never had addressed before. I am really glad to have met you and for the guidance that you have provided me with so far!
The constellations were all very meaningful and mine in particular reinforced what I need to work on and allow to happen in order to feel better. I am certainly taking this period as an opportunity to explore, learn and grow. The meditation with which we finished was very powerful and I was astonished about the insights!”
(“IS” – Workshop “My partner is exactly the right one” )
“I am always surprised by how similar we all are in our different situations. It was good to have the male’s perspective on relationships as well as often male and female do not seem to comprehend each other and yet we yearn for the same things – just possibly in different ways. For me it is difficult to work in a group – but you get so much in return.”
(“AF” – Workshop “My partner is exactly the right one” )


Genogram Workshops
“The Genogram Workshop was excellent and will help me to develop my work in this area. Thank you very much for everything!!!”
(“PA” – Genogram workshop)
“This genogram workshop was the beginning of something great for me. Something great what haven’t ended yet. What I found out was a new and surprising perception. I see my family and ancestors in a new light now. I must admit that during the workshop I went through up and downs and there were some painful feelings but there also were happiness, bliss, warmth and proud. A big thank you to you dear Ursula, for guiding us so well through it with all your knowledge, wisdom, your blessed heart and intuition.”
(“YK” – Genogram workshop)
My expectation of Ursula’s Genogram Workshop was to put down all the information I had mostly gathered a few months before and to have Ursula have a look if there was anything interesting to see which could lead to entanglements or anything I should/could work on.
First of all I found that there was still a lot of information missing and I will probably never have a full picture of my ancestors. On the other side I really enjoyed trying to find out more and from one point on I felt all my ancestors near me giving me strength and power and made me feel guarded by my family.
This feeling helped me to take care of some matters I didn’t have the energy for until then. It also helps me to feel what I like to do with my life and taking care of myself.
A great experience I can recommend to anyone interested in family constellations and their ancestry.
(“MP” – Genogram workshop)
“With regards to the genogram workshop, it proved to be as insightful as I thought it would have been. I had no expectations but I have been trying to seek help to understand certain issues that I feel that I should have dealt with long time ago and this was another occasion to do so. At first I was a bit reluctant to share personal info with the rest of the participants but from the second session onwards I felt comfortable enough to do so. What certainly came out of it was that I have to continue working on understanding why I act in a certain way when I’m in a relationship, and in particular why I tried to re-enact certain childhood episodes during my last one. I am still trying to understand how this works through the genogram (I am still working on the genogram although I don’t think that I will have any more info at this stage) but it definitely reinforced what I became aware of through psychotherapy and I am glad that I participated.”
(“IS” – Genogram workshop)
“I would like to thank you for how fully you dedicated your time and attention to everyone in the group, even when this required going over the agreed time. I felt genuinely heard and supported and appreciated the rare opportunity to get to know a bit about, not only my own family’s story, but also of the other members of the group. Even though I ultimately felt that it was not the right time for me to go deeper into the genogram, I am now much more aware of the power of one’s roots and am certainly looking forward to learning more about myself and my family as soon as the time is right. So thank you again, and wish you all the best!”
(“CM” – Genogram workshop)
“The Genogram workshop led by Ursula was what I expected it to be, and wasn’t at the same time. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about Family Constellations from a different, more theoretical angle, yet the reactions and insights that came to me not only during the workshops, but even during the time in between and after, took me completely by surprise, and helped me to realise how so many issues can be resolved when looking at them from a systemical point of view. The time, money, and effort spent during this workshop was truly worth it, and I will definitely recommend it to others.”
(“NS” – Genogram workshop )
“The genogram workshop was an unforgettable experience. It changed my perspective view of people in a better and help me to respect their view. It changed my life in a much better way.”
(“JP” – Genogram Workshop)
“I attended Ursula’s genogram workshop more for curiosity, as I hadn’t heard about a Genogram before. Very interesting factors resulted from this workshop which made me realise how strongly connected we are with our ancestors, and how their lives and customs have effected my life in general.
I can now understand myself more and accept who I am because I know where I’m coming from. I feel serene, as some dark clouds have lifted, and I feel I can move on with my life in my own way, due to the knowledge I’ve received from my Genogram.”
(“FD” – Genogram Workshop)
“Il corso sul genogramma l’ho trovato molto interessante; mi è sembrata corretta la formula delle 4 serate, mi piace la tua conduzione, aspettative non ne avevo in particolare.
Ho trovato un ottimo strumento per fare chiarezza sulle proprie origini, per me è stato importante vedere tutte le informazioni della famiglia di appartenenza scritte e catalogate su un foglio, a tale punto che in queste vacanze natalizie ho continuato il lavoro di ricerca e ho aggiunto nuovi elementi.
Facendo questo tipo di lavoro, mi sento più “sicuro”, riscoprire anche solo alcuni nomi e sapere qualche verità in più dei propri avi mi fa sentire più vicino al gruppo famigliare e il “peso” dell’appartenenza si alleggerisce.
A volte mi accorgo nei discorsi di casa che quando mi dicono: “sei come tua madre” o simili non mi da fastidio tanto come prima…il vedere che io ho un ruolo e una posizione sul foglio mi aiuta a non confondermi con i ruoli e le posizioni dei miei famigliari.”
(“DR” – Genogram Workshop )
“I came to the genogram workshop with the intention of knowing more about myself and about family problems. I believed I knew my origins, but I rapidly had to investigate around my family to find missing elements. This investigation was fascinating. Then with the help and information given by Ursula I learnt to read behind the lines of my genogram, which is very important as what happened to your ancestors makes you a unique person with your strength and your weaknesses. This reading was very interesting, sometimes surprising.
This genogram workshop changed the way I looked at myself and my life. It helped me to understand many aspects of my personality. I also became aware that my origins make me unique and knowing that comforts me every day.”
(“SH” – Genogram Workshop)
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