Links to special services


Many people have supported me during the last years in my growth and spreading the word about what I offer. I am deeply grateful to everyone, and it would be too much to mention them all.
Please find below two special women and the amazing service they are offering.


First, I met LAUREN HUBELE, one of the most inspiring and creative women I have known so far. She lives in Texas, US, but is working online internationally.
Since 2010, Lauren has helped hundreds of families taking charge of their own health and healing. She is an educator, author, distributor of her own line of Gemmotherapy extracts and has created an international Gemmo community.
On her website you can find her 3 books, an entire library of podcasts and a comprehensive series of courses for individuals, parents, and practitioners to utilize the power of Gemmotherapy.
Gemmotherapy can reconnect us to understanding that maintaining health depends on the alignment of our spiritual, physical, and mental wellbeing.
With Lauren you can learn how our body communicates disharmony and how to utilize the generational wisdom of the plants to know which ones to call upon to restore harmony.
Want to know more? This is her website:
Lauren connected me with another inspiring and creative soul: DUMITRITA MARGINEANU
Dumi lives in Cluj-Napoca / Romania and is mother of 2 amazing children. Since 2012 she is specialized in empowering mothers, especially mothers to be and mothers of little children.
As a certified Holistic Health Coach, she has studied internationally with renowned experts in breastfeeding, nutrition, regenerative detoxification, gemmotherapy and Montessori pedagogy.
She supports healing through connection and guidance to understanding your baby’s emotions and raising them with ease and love. She does not work with the child but with the mother and connects very deeply with the maternal energy and thus with the emotional state of the child to understand the root cause of the child’s behavior or condition.
We could definitely call her a “child-soul-whisperer”. I think, Dumi could write books about what she learned from children, and I really hope one day she will find the time to do it. 
Want to know more about Dumi? This is her website: