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Please check out my on-site workshops in Malta, Bulgaria and Romania


Constellation work means ACKNOWLEDGING WHAT IS.

In the spring of 2020 we would have loved to go back to normal, to meet in physical groups, to share, hug and connect. It was not possible.

But we did not allow the situation to hinder us from working on our issues, from growing personally and from healing.

We started to work online – and both constellation workshops and 1to1 constellation sessions showed clearly that we can trust in the field, that opening up to new ways of connecting and working together is possible.

Embracing and integrating these new opportunities has mastered the limitations that we encountered. Limitations ultimately exist in our mind – when we let go of our concept of limitations, we open up new spaces.

The virtual space for many of us was (or still is) an unknown space for doing constellations. But only because something is unknown does not mean that it does not exist or does not work.

Below you can find testimonials where some participants of the last online constellation workshops speak about their experience.


My online constellation workshops will be advertised up to 2 months before.

So if you feel you would like to work on your issue/question, but you cannot find a date for the next workshop, please get in touch with me. I am happy to have a personal chat to see if a constellation in a group or a 1to1 constellation feels more appropriate and to explain how it works.

Each online constellation workshop lasts up to 5 hours with a longer break in between. And there will be 2 constellations. All you need is a laptop to connect and a quiet space.

You can get in touch through the following link to get more information or details

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Testimonials – Online Constellations Workshops
“I have recently had the opportunity to participate in my first ever online constellation. The experience has left me with a deeper sense of respect for this work. I really had my doubts at first – or at least I was not sure how it would work. But, it did and on every level proved to be helpful and extremely effective. Thank you for the opportunity it was deeply felt.”
“I thought the workshop on Sunday exceeded my expectations and that the energies vibrated clearly even online. Setting the container and having clear facilitation and guidance from Ursula really made it feel safe and as a result there was a high level of trust, openness and deep listening from all the participants I felt. Symbolism and synchronicity were flowing freely and everyone gained and benefited from the insights. Thank you.”
“It was great to be able to participate in your constellation workshop online. It was very touching and had a long-lasting effect.”
“I’m mother of 2 small children and have very limited free time for myself. I found it a perfect solution to participate online constellations from my own home. Actually I didn’t feel a big difference if we are together in one room or connected in Zoom app. Energy doesn’t have space and time, so these online constellations work perfectly. Looking forward to the next one. Thank you Ursula for this opportunity.”
“Ursula makes family constellations online so easy, so simple, so touching and alive that it feels as if we were in each other’s presence. I could feel connected to anyone on my screen. Being an issue holder, I felt totally supported and listened to. I am grateful for the opportunity of having been part of such a mysterious and healing journey.”
 “I have experienced the online constellation similar with the live ones, the difference is about the logistic and a bit of technicality. The field works the same online and I found the workshop rich and with lot of insights for myself as a representative. Looking forward for more workshops online, highly recommended.”
“It’s fascinating how this work works online just as deeply as it does in person. The day with Ursula felt as if we were in the room together, the impact, depth and richness of the process was powerful. Thank you, I look forward to joining again.”
“Dear Ursula, just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful work you’ve done and with your help – all of us as well. It was very powerful and beautiful. Just as in real life!”
“Yes, online family constellations work. Although I had no doubt that we are all connected no matter where we are, I wanted to experience it first-hand. I was chosen as a representative twice and I can truly say that there was no difference comparing to a physical constellation. Ursula is an amazing facilitator and she guided us through it in a very clear and professional way. To do a constellation online via Zoom was a great experience and it would be my pleasure to participate again.”

Does this resonate? Would you like to know more?

Don’t hesitate to get in touch through the following link – without any commitment.

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