“The Orders of Helping” (online seminar)

Helping and supporting others is a beautiful goal. But it also can become heavy and exhausting. It can become frustrating and involve us more than we wanted. And in the end we might be the ones to feel helpless.

This online seminar might offer a (potentially) new perspective on your work and helping in general – no matter if you are a counselor or psychotherapist, a social worker, nurse or of any other medical and psychological profession.

If you are not in a helping profession but want to explore your “helping patterns” you are of course very welcome to join, too.

This seminar could be a time for taking a break and allowing yourselves to get in touch with an understanding that goes beyond into something greater and all-embracing.

In three online evening sessions you will learn about the 5 Orders of Helping and experience how they can transform your work.

A certificate of participation for CPD purposes can be issued.


Here’s what former participants say about the seminar and the orders of helping:
– It has renewed me professionally and given me a strong soulful inspiration
– The orders of helping make it possible for a therapeutic intervention to be a transformative encounter between two equals
– I find these orders to be a higher and overreaching guide for the helping professions, which transcend professions and modalities and can be applied all round
– I’ve become more aware of my own limitations and my own boundaries I feel it has allowed to act more like an adult in my private life and work more effectively as a helper
– They help us gain a deeper awareness and understanding of ourselves, our unresolved issues, our hidden loyalties and entanglements.
– The orders of helping support professional helpers from assuming too much responsibility, thus risking stress and burnout. It also helps us to acknowledge that helping has limits

Dates: 20., 27. June and 4. July 2023

Time: 18:30 – 20:30/21:00 CET

Participation fee: 95 EUR

(spaces limited to 10 participants)