Falling in Love with Myself – Retreat in Bulgaria 3.-7. July 2024



5 day retreat at my center in central  Bulgaria

3rd to 7th July 2024

What does it mean to love ourselves? Love is such a big word and I often think when we talk about love or self-love, we do not have the slightest idea what that really means.
What comes closest to it for me is what Fyodor Dostoyevsky once said: “To love someone means to see them as God intended them.” And if you want you can exchange “God” with “Life” and then it is: “To love someone means to see them as Life intended them.”
To love ourselves would then mean to see ourselves as Life intended us, as Life wanted us, as we came into this world, and even before, as we came into being from the very moment of our conception.
There is a special way of working with constellations that has been developed by Wilfried Nelles and he called it the Life Integration Process. It is about reconnecting with our true being in the different stages of our life, about integrating the past, letting it go and taking our place as adults that can take care of everything that happened.
In that space between the “then” and the “now”, we can truly “see”, open our hearts to the miracle of our life and let the love flow.


We will dedicate one full day to each of these important stages in our life.
Day 1: Connecting and introduction to the Life Integration Process and its philosophy
Day 2: My time in the womb
Day 3:  My childhood
Day 4: My adolescence
Day 5: Integration and Celebration

Fees, conditions and more


Fees: 450 EUR

(excluding travel, food and accommodation)
Registration needs to be done until June 1st 2024




You will sleep in a guesthouse in our village walking distance from the workshop place.
I will organize the accommodation, but it needs to be paid additionally. The price for a double room will be roundabout 15 EUR/night/person.



We will have breakfast, lunch and dinner together at the center. A daily fee of max. 20 EUR might arise.



Travel organization / flight booking will be AT YOUR COST AND RESPONSIBILITY.
Transfer from Sofia airport can be organized.
Please be aware that you need to arrive the day before the retreat starts to make sure you will be there from the beginning.
The program will last 5 full days, so on the last day the program will also last until roundabout 6:00 pm
Any more questions you might have, please get in touch.