Helping as an Art

In the book “The art of asking” by Amanda Palmer I came across something that touched me deeply and changed the way of how I perceive my own work.
It went as follows:
“… This is how a creative human works. Collecting, connecting, sharing.
The impulse to connect the dots – and to share what you’ve connected – is the urge that makes you an artist. If you’re using words or symbols to connect the dots, whether you’re a “professional artist” or not, you are an artistic force in the world.
When artists work well, they connect people to themselves, and they stitch people to one another, through this shared experience of discovering a connection that wasn’t visible before.
Artists connect the dots – we don’t need to interpret the lines between them. We just draw them and then present our connections to the world as a gift, to be taken or left. This IS the artistic act, and it’s done every day by many people who don’t even think to call themselves artists.”
It was like seeing myself at work. I collect – the facts, the information, the story of the client’s family system. And I connect them without interpretation, going with what comes up through the field. And then I share – through a gesture, through spoken or written words, or simply by gently facilitating a constellation.
I always wanted to be an artist – I wrote songs, poems, started to write my own fantasy novel. But I never went further. The moment I read the above words I realized. I AM an artist.
Hellinger talked about “The Art of Helping” – and maybe that is the crucial point. Helping becomes an art when we stop trying to help others because we feel the need to help, but when we start living our passion of collecting, connecting and sharing. Then we realize that what we do is expressing and living our gifts that we share and that then have a positive effect on whoever we touch with our work and whoever is ready to receive.
We all know the healing effects of art – so maybe we should start talking about “The art of facilitating constellations”.

My goal for this training is that you all become artists of helping in your own unique way.