Where will the intense 5-day retreats be held?

The first 2 are will be held in Gozo, Malta‘s beautiful sister island.
The last one will be most probably a winter-wonder-land retreat somewhere in the Bulgarian mountains since it will be in February 2021.

What is unique in this training?

The uniqueness of this training is the interlocking of theoretical online modules, individual online 1to1 sessions for personal development and healing and intense practical retreats that focus on practice and facilitating from the first day on.
The theoretical modules build up on each other and alternate with the individual 1to1 online sessions and practical immersion. To help you save travel expenses theoretical group parts and individual sessions will be held online.
I have tried to find the most efficient way of using time and technology to make the most of the time when the group is together, and to keep costs down by using online work where appropriate.
You will be starting with practicing small constellation units from the first practice module on.  This is the best way to integrate the theoretical learning and to incorporate it. Theoretical knowledge is important, but constellations need to be practiced and felt. It is through this embodied learning that we gain security and trust in ourselves and the guidance of the field.

Is this training only for future family constellation facilitators?

Although this training is on a professional level, your final goal does not have to become a family constellation facilitator.
You might choose this course because you want to enrich the activity you already perform through the knowledge of systemic principles or you might want to simply dive deeply into the constellation work for the benefit of your own private life and the life of your loved ones.
I am sure you will have a clear idea about it at the end of the training and be prepared for whatever your decision will be.

What do I need to bring?

– Desire to learn something new.
– Openness to a totally new perspective on life and relationships, to something that might go against everything you have been told in the past.
– Honesty with yourself, sometimes a radical honesty that needs courage and compassion.
– Commitment to the training and the group as a whole and to your own personal development.
– Willingness to study the contents, to integrate what you have learnt in your daily life and to actively reflect and if possible exercise between the modules.

Who is this training for?

  • A limited group of 10 people
  • Therapists, health care professionals, body workers
  • Coaches, teachers, lawyers, mediators, consultants
  • People from all walks of life, interested in expanding their skills and the quality of their own self-journey
  • People interested in in-depth personal development and growth
  • Systemic practitioners who want to refresh or deepen their knowledge
  • YOU, if you feel touched by the words and description of the course and feel drawn to participate

See also “Is this training for me?”

Is there any condition to join?

This is not a therapy group. If you want to join this course you need to be able to take emotional care of yourself and agree to basic group norms. You have to commit to the training and the group as a whole and to your own personal development.
In order to make sure that it is the right course for you I will have a personal conversation with each applicant after registration and before any deposit is paid.
By participating, you declare your willingness and ability to take full responsibility for yourself during the course and not to draw any claims from any consequences.
Please be aware that by registering for this training you commit to be present for the whole period of the residential retreats. This is prerequisite to hold the container and the safe space for this work and to guarantee you the best outcome.