5-days Healing Retreat in Romania – May 2023


I am happy to hold a 5-days retreat in Romania together with Dumitrita Mărgineau and Diana Felecan in May 2023

This retreat will be a deep immersion into the  mind – body – heart – soul connection
We will create a safe space where you are invited to join us on an adventure of self-awareness and healing.
You will experience:
* interactive communication and silence *
* inspirational drawing *
* guided meditation *
* movement and somatic experience *     
* consciousness raising constellations *
* daily gentle yoga practices *
All this will help you uncover a deeper understanding of the challenges you face today and how to take your unique steps towards a new chapter in your life.
For more information, times and fees, please use the button below.
I am happy to have a personal chat with you where you can clarify your questions and see if this could be the next healing step in your life journey.
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